Build A Rocket Boys!

If the band’s strength to strength progression is anything to go by, with a sprinkle of Mercury Prize strut and Ivor Novello swag in their saunter, it is safe to say the arrival of the fifth album from Elbow (named after a line in a BBC series that claimed the word ‘elbow’ the most sensuous word in the English language; not for its definition, but for how it feels to say it) is an exciting event.

And clever is their way of spreading the news – click here to connect via your social media accounts and hear songs of their new album, Build A Rocket Boys!

Click accordingly to listen to the beauty and the beast off The Seldom Seen Kid

01 The Bird
02 Lippy Kids
03 With Love
04 Neat Little Rows
05 Jesus Is a Rochdale Girl
06 The Night Will Always Win
07 High Ideals
08 The River
09 Open Arms
10 The Birds (Reprise)
11 Dear Friends

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