jamie woon / night air

for ages the white boys have looked on with a look of deep-seated envy at their more tanned brothers who would enjoy the fruits and bounty that came with being down with contemporary r ‘n b. they groove and jive, sometimes in rows of 5 or more, taking part in what seemed like an exclusive dance whereby members of the opposite sex grind ‘onto’ each other’s pelvic area in what some call a suggestive and provocative manner. regardless of what some might call it, it looks amazing. a sensual amalgamation of testosterone and estrogen, brought together quite sublimely.

sadly, the white boy knew not how to move to such bawdy beats. they were left to stand at the bar discussing beer or talking about their ‘game plan’ for the evening that never really finds success. but now enter jamie woon, a british white boy. now white boys can join in the ecstasy that lies in r ‘n b and find themselves slowly winding in a mutliple-person boy-girl-boy-girl grinding dance floor dry hump.

the slow-mo dfdg (dance-floor dry-hump) starts at 1:23 exactly. tingle.

and then choof chaf, between 4:18 and 4:22 you turn on your tail and finger-click step on out the club in the open night air…

enjoy how brilliantly he works with the space in his music.

if you like this, and want more space in your music, i suggest nicolas jaar.

for the skelms – link

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