there is something happening

and this time it feels more tangible, more attainable.

things have been falling apart. never ever underestimate power in numbers. there is an unconscious tide that pushes and pulls with the movements of humans, and i think the spring tide is coming in strong now. run for the hills or ride the wave… i suggest the later.

this is a collection of articles and visuals regarding Occupy Wall St, Global Change, etc. please post comments with content you have come across that you feel is pertinent.

i’ll start with this article, the one that made me realise how important it is to remain informed and up to date with developments, and how it is possible for a good movement to lose its way through a combination of elements.

Vas Littlecrow, a former Tea Party member, advises the movement with some sage advice: Astro-turfing the Occupy Wall Street Movement: Can it Happen?

Be sure to read about the Montgomery Bus Boycott and learn from previous successful, long suffering and non-violent mass-movements.

For my fellow South Africans, there are occupations taking place in our 3 major cities, be sure get involved – Cape TownJohannesburg, Durban.

Be certain about what the movement is all about and what the stance is. We are NOT a bunch of hippies, we are not a bunch of low-lifes with nothing better to with our time. And remember, throughout your efforts of becoming informed, the purpose of education is not knowledge, but action – Read The Declaration of The Occupation of New York City

Then you can dominate, like Jesse LaGreca dominates this Fox News reporter.

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