frankie fenner meat merchants

this is just great news.

finally, no more little voice in the back of your head trying to get your attention regarding the meat you’re eating that says, “you should know better. wait – you do know better. you’re done your research.”

‘yes, Guilty Conscious, i know, but meat just tastes so flippin’ delicious! and that whole top of the food chain thing. ja, that.’

“tsk tsk”

‘munch munch, meat meat, mmm’

It feels like a little mental ethical war raging inside every time I buy meat. We’ve seen all the documentaries, we’ve read the books, we’ve liked and RT’d the links to various media. But most of us still really want to eat meat. And if you haven’t, you’ve got a friend who has and it’s come up in conversation before. And if you haven’t experienced any of the above, even as a fleeting thought, then… shame. Get with it. Questioning your food and it’s origins. The real origin, not the image on the wrapping or box, and not even your own perception – i don’t believe what we imagine ‘free-range’ to mean is what actually happens back at the ranch.

i still don’t know where i stand on the whole ‘meat is murder’ and ‘animals are still sentient beings’ debate. strong arguments for both. but what i know for sure is that i really do smaak me a quality cut of meat. and to get right to the crux of it all, i am a south african who really digs a healthy cook up and a good old braai.

frankie fenner meat mercahnts to the rescue.

At Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, we believe having a relationship with your food matters. A whole lot. The quality of meat is a reflection of how an animal was treated, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with a bunch of passionate farmers and respected butchers. These guys introduced us to some healthy and happy animals. The type who have been treated with respect. The type who haven’t pumped with growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.

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