misplaced mixtapes / drug

this mixtape making has become an addictive habit of mine recently.

and so i present to you, for your enjoyment and consumption, a quick-fix mix called drug.

if you were a fan of Loony Bin, a previous mixtape, i believe you will be rather fond of this compilation. a bit wild in the beginning, but settles down nicely towards the end.

it will work quite appropriately when arriving home after spending a handsome amount of your evening politely quenching a thirst at your local, and, upon returning to your castle with your mate/posse/squeeze you skin a bifter to take things from a raging 9 to a mellow 6 and finally down to a sleepy 3 – ah yes, we’ve all done it before, and this is a fine soundtrack. there is a bit of crazy here and there, but as is to be expected at this time of the night…

the 35 minutes is also quite a globe-trotting trip that takes your through music from San Francisco and Atlanta, quickly pops into sunny St Lucia, Australia but without missing a beat dips into a dark Houston throb. It’s around here, a midway point, where things throwback to late 70’s Bristol only to come right back to current-time Puerto Rico, followed by Greece, before stopping back State-side in New Jersey and Brooklyn and wrapping things up with a look through the eyes of a 17-year old Londoner.

I will put the playlist up at later stage; enjoy some mystery for a bit.

click here for drug, a quick-fix mix

“oh wow. oh wow. oh wow…”
Cheers, Steve

Playlist Update

01 Weekend - Coma Summer
02 Girls - Honey Bunny
03 Balkans - Edita V
04 Millions - Guru
05 Balaclavas - Legs Control
06 The Pop Group - She Is Beyond Good & Evil
07 Davilla 666 - Obsesionao
08 Acid Baby Jesus - Tooth To Toe
09 Ducktails - Hamilton Road
10 Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
11 King Krule - The Noose of Jah City
  1. Mystery is what’s missing in music these days. The listener has too much power, too much control.

    “Smash the control images. Smash the control machine.” – WSB

  2. CRazy123 said:

    that londoners a fucking chav

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