die heuwels fantasties / oorlewing 101 (acoustic)

I remember the first time I heard Die Heuwels Fantasties. We were on Avontoer II or III a couple of years back. I mean, this was when Die Helde were still jamming! And who would’ve thought it, but Fred went from there go on to become dHF’s guitarist. Anway. Lukraaketaar was cruising along as they were performing at a couple of the venues. It was another one of those Avontoer afternoons on the West Coast (I think the venue that night was the infamously dodgy Flamingoes, where ladies in their 30’s will flirt with young guys while their baby cries on the table around a selection of empty beer bottles) and the troubadours and seerowers were whiling away the time around a boot party.

Pierre had a CD of his ‘new project with Hunter’ that was recently recorded and slotted it into the CD player. Out blasted ‘Oorlewing 101’ in all its synth power-pop glory and there was wry smile on his face after the track was requested for repeat the 3rd time around.

This bonus track of that first Die Heuwel Fantasties single, Oorlewing 101, sees acoustic guitars by Louwtjie Rothman of SA’s Got Talent fame, and is a rather delightful arrangement. That piss-take whispering of oorlewing at the end of the track is unnecessary and detracts from the tracks pleasant ease.

The VFKT conglomerate is set to release an acoustic compilation album in March of  2012.

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