dale steyn / skater

you may recall the name Dale Steyn from the greens and pitches in the realms of cricket.

the more informed reader will associate Steyn with various trivia, such as the fact that he holds the record for the fastest South African to reach 100 wickets in Test Match cricket and was crowed the ICC Test Cricketer of the Year in 2008.

but if we delve a little further back, let’s say to circa ’98 when Dale was what the age he refers to as “fearless 15”, we find out that this pace bowler had a penchant for extra-curricular activities other than school sports…

earlier this week our boy let us in on a snap shot of his youth with this radical picture below.

eloquently noted by Totrococo, ‘dale het ‘n ding blind geskate back in the day‘, and it was quickly pointed out by our friend Wink over in Seoul that this is a ‘perfect smith grind in front of a church office, without any protective gear, with a couple meter drop to his left‘ – it is in fact a feeble grind, but otherwise Wink has it spot on.

as an aside, it should also be noted that it appears Dale has somewhat of a linguistic edge to him. enjoy this pearl, his comment in reflection of his younger skating days – “Cricket won, but skating was number 1!”

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