ernest vincent wright / gadsby

the writing of a 50 000 word novel is no easy task.

writing a novel which goes on to be thought of  as “amazingly smooth; no halting parts” with “continuity of plot and almost classic clarity” is quite an achievement.

writing said novel as a lipogram, a form of constrained writing where a letter is omitted, is another story altogether.

let me introduce you to Ernie V. Wright, who found within himself the drive to write Gadsby, the  50,000 Word Novel Without the Letter “E”.

yes. this book, now incredibly rare and valued at $ 4000 for copies (since most of the first as only batch was destroyed by a fire in a publishing warehouse),  was written by Ern Wright over a period of five and a half months on a typewriter with the “e” key tied down.

can you imagine the patience required? the constraint, focus and control?

let’s read an excerpt from the last page.

“A glorious full moon sails across a sky without a cloud. A crisp night air has folks turning up coat collars and kids hopping up and down for warmth. And that giant star, Sirius, winking slyly, knows that soon, now, that light up in His Honors room window will go out. Fttt! It *is* out! So, as Sirius and Luna hold an all-night vigil, I’ll say a soft “Goodnight” to all our happy bunch, and to John Gadsby – Youth’s Champion.”

i reckon it takes a special rank of person to write this kinda of book. well done Ern, you wild card.


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