PETMAN / the uncanny valley looms

at first i thought, ‘ahh, this looks cool!’

then after a while i felt, ‘ohh, this is creepy.’

and thus we peer ever deeper over the edge and into the eerie pit of the uncanny valley, this time nudged a tiny bit closer to complete aversion to the likes of PETMAN, developed by the same guys who brought you BigDog.

As Boston Dynamics explains, the robot was designed to test “chemical protection clothing used by the US Army,” under a “variety of suit stressing callisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents.”

In essence, PETMAN was designed to be destroyed, or at least get severely damaged: The robot will be dressed in new NBC suit materials and sprayed with chemical weapons in a chamber as Army scientists look on and record the effectiveness of the materials – TPM

Now what grates my mental nips is the idea that PETMAN the Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin is being made to be brutally tough and withstand the harshest of treatment. Coupled with the idea that man and machine are more than likely to soon meet at an evolutionary intersection, I don’t want these guys to be all indestructible and shit, namsayin?!

take a look at how human-like this bot walks – what is your creey:cool ratio?

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