werner herzog / into the abyss

“i believe that paradise awaits one way or the other;
i’m either going home or home”

this new film from werner herzog has opened in theatres at a very interesting point in america regarding their current debate around the death penalty, stemming from the murder of troy davis and the fact that a dodgy character, from the pro-capital punishment camp, is running for president in next year’s elections in the usa.

herzog, however, insists that even though he opposes capital punishment, this film has no political agenda, but that rather the “focus is elsewhere” in the film. the director had this to say in a recent interview:

“I had a fairly clear focus. Filmmakers are trying to hint at an extreme caution or political correctness, but I am a storyteller, I am after something that is occurring. A court of law has found someone guilty, a monstrous crime has happened. By the way, the perpetrators are never monsters – people always tell me, they are monsters, just shoot them, but nobody thinks about how valuable the proper course of justice is. And of course, they are always human, no matter how monstrous a crime is, you must treat them like human beings. So I think my attitude is defensible and right, and of course I have a certain pride of not being an advocate of capital punishment.” –

read the entire interview on tribecafilm, the man speaks with such emotive clarity and its brilliant to see how honest he is with and about his feelings towards people he interviews.



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