everyone has their version of living the dream. the definition of said dream differs from person to person, and changes according to a vast amount of variables. however, there are a handful of standard measures involved in living the dream – a man must have his wolf pack, whether it be friends or family; and he must do what he loves in order to survive. if the dream can stem from that, i believe you’re winning…

introducing the Hamborg family, how it seems they are living the dream, and how you can ride their version of it too…

now, being a surfer and skater, you can imagine how the picture above appealed to me. what, surfing the concrete?! yes please! upon further research by one peejay mahoney, it was discovered that those ill boards are from the Hamboard family bidniz…

The Hamboard story revolves around a family of 7 surfers from Huntington Beach, California. Over the years of living close to the beach the 5 brothers would grow to love the ocean and become Lifeguards or Junior Lifeguards. They would try new adventures; diving, spear fishing, bodysurfing the Wedge, and finding new ways to have fun in the ocean. With no intentions of designing a new style of skateboards or making a product, they simply wanted to make something that felt like they were riding a surfboard when they rode it.

Having a really fun skateboard to ride when the surf was flat became a family project. Designing over dinner, trashing the garage, littering the yards with prototypes, searching anywhere and everywhere for the just right combination of wood, wheels, trucks, bolts and bearings that would bring that unique flow and feel. It only took them 8 years or so to get it right (surfing every chance you get has a tendency to slow down projects) and the result is a HAMBOARD, which has a phenomenal similarity to surfing.

this here is the board i’ve got my eyes on.  the classic bamboo set-up that comes standard with wheels, trucks and ABEC 7 bearings, and retails at around a rather cool R 3000 ($ 435)

catch the video below to see the 5 Hamborg bros cruising around their hometown stomp…

Find Hamboards on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

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