earth / time-lapse view from space

friends, we are in the future.

we’re on the cusp of space travel for the everyday man courtesy of mr. Branson’s Virgin Galactic which plans to provide sub-orbital spaceflights to the paying public.

unfortch for us, the paying public, we can’t all fork out a cool $200,000 per person for a quick space flip.

but, it seems, there is now a loophole, and you too can experience this…

in true internet fashion, we are now able to experience (to an extent) what it would be like to travel around our planet, witnessing the lights and shapes on the sphere below us in its globular glory – from the comfort of our unexciting and unadventurous seats.

thanks to the teams of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station who, using time lapse sequences of photographs taken with a special low-light 4K-camera, have pieced together this exhilarating clip.

the locations viewed are as follows:

1. Aurora Borealis Pass over the United States at Night
2. Aurora Borealis and eastern United States at Night
3. Aurora Australis from Madagascar to southwest of Australia
4. Aurora Australis south of Australia
5. Northwest coast of United States to Central South America at Night
6. Aurora Australis from the Southern to the Northern Pacific Ocean
7. Halfway around the World
8. Night Pass over Central Africa and the Middle East
9. Evening Pass over the Sahara Desert and the Middle East
10. Pass over Canada and Central United States at Night
11. Pass over Southern California to Hudson Bay
12. Islands in the Philippine Sea at Night
13. Pass over Eastern Asia to Philippine Sea and Guam
14. Views of the Mideast at Night
15. Night Pass over Mediterranean Sea
16. Aurora Borealis and the United States at Night
17. Aurora Australis over Indian Ocean
18. Eastern Europe to Southeastern Asia at Night

how crazy are those blue flashes of lightning storms?!

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