albert retief / suburban safari

albert retief is an explorer from Cape Town, South Africa. his travels have allowed him to see some beautiful things. fortunately for those stuck in suburbia he has taken to sharing these images in public areas and at the same time transforming normally dull urban spaces.

albert said the following about his suburban safari project:

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled large parts of Southern Africa over the past years and wanted to share some of these experiences with the people living in the Suburbs.

A lot of people living in the Suburbs have a passion for camping and the outdoors. Many venture once a year to places like Namibia, the Kruger National Park or Botswana for a different taste of Africa and to see some wildlife, while others are oblivious to the fact that we are living in Africa.

Similar to going on a game drive, you can now drive down Durban Road for example and maybe spot a Kudu or see a Hyena hanging around the recycle bins. There are also owls sitting on bus stops, hippos in the middle of quiet dams, hawks on look out and many more.

It’s my small expression and effort to bring forgotten parts of Africa back to the suburbs and the secure ‘islands’ we live in. Up until now I’ve pasted more than 70 posters that are all my own photo’s taken during my travels. You’ll find them all over suburbia, but predominantly on the main roads.

see more of these, as well as the original photos, on albert’s blog

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