beatenberg / farm photos

they used to be called Nice.

but now they make nice for your ears…

i was going to write something up myself, but after reading their website bio, i realised i would just be another insincere professional. so i copped this off their website and had a good chuckle.

If you haven’t heard Beatenberg before, you ought to, because they’re amazing and they’ll soon be famous and innaccessible. Nowadays you can still go up to them after a show and tell them how much you enjoyed their performance. You won’t be able to do that when they are important and overseas.

You should go out and buy Beatenberg’s album, Farm Photos, which is available in major South African music retailers.

You should listen to me because the next person who gives them a write-up might be an insincere professional, while I am Robin’s brother.


Enjoy listening to Beatenberg’s full length album below.

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