the artist / trailer

considering the spate of remakes and sequels in the largely uninspired realm of film recently, one might stop to consider that perhaps for a moment all the fancy effects and colours and 3D and effects are just fluff for wow-factor, masking the fact that many films  in cinemas of late are absolute drivel.

we say away with bland vocal narrative and away with 3D colour effects!

enter The Artist…

Set in Hollywood between the years of 1927 and 1931, The Artist tells the tale of a once prominent silent film actor (Jean Dujardin as George Valentin) and a fledgling actress (Berenice Bejo as Peppy Miller) who is on the rise to stardom.  The storyline depicts a role reversal between the two actors caught, luckily for one and unfortunately for the other, in the shift from silent films to the talkies.

The film is bound for Oscar-lists after garnering some attention at Cannes (“both a surefire crowdpleaser and a magnificent piece of film-making” – Independent) picking up some silverware, including  Best Canine Performace in a Movie for Uggy, the dog. Nice work, Uggy!

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