listen + interview / brown brogues

the brown brogues are a 2 piece garage psych punk band from Manchester.

KBWS recently sat down with Mark over a digital cup of tea to ask some questions.

and there is a free download too…

KBWS: tell us about the last wild dream you recall having

the last wild dream I had was saturday night, I dreamt I was with a blonde girl I had a little thing with when I was 17. we were naked rolling around together then we ripped off each others calf muscles and sat down together cross legged eating them and laughing.

I think this was brought on because I walked past her the other day and didnt recognise her.

KBWS: your best childhood holiday memory

my old man holding me by the ankles above some feeding crocodiles so I could get a better look when I was 5.

KBWS: your best drug trip and your drug of choice

ket is a big no-no, its boring. these questions are all about memories and my memory is terrible. best trip was after my first weekend festival were I took everything I was given or could get my hands on I was walking round watching peoples jaws fall off. the bad part were the following days were I sat on the floor in front of a dvd rack touching each one making sure each on was inline and perfectly square with all the others.

so yeah yeah drug of choice is crystal meth sprinkled with angel dust and smoked alone.

KBWS: what is the best meal your mother makes?

either fajitas or prawn curry, both from scratch.

KBWS: the 2 of you guys are in bare knuckle box off, who are you lads up against?

everyone from wigan.

band wise, its fucking ghost outfit.

KBWS: 3 tracks/bands you’ve been digging lately

My favourite band of the minute is Eagulls. their first single Council Flat Blues is a hangover favourite.

been listening to Death Grips alot too; ‘Takyon’ is my favourite off Ex-Military although ‘Known For It’ is catching it up.

and I’ve just ordered Liz Green‘s album because she’s lovely.

click here to download ‘Wildman’

soundcloud | myspace | bandcamp

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  1. Mike Ghost said:

    Mark … suck my fat one.

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