black handed kites / up

Black Handed Kites are a new band from Cape Town, South Africa.

Earlier this week they played their first show at &Union to a packed out crowd, and then some who lined up outside the venue and peered in through the gates.

It appears there is a bit of excitement over them, let’s have a look.

The band is made up of TeeJay Terblanche of New Holland fame and talented wizz-kid and multi-instrumentalist Richard Onraet. Their debut album has just been recorded at coffeestainedvinyl studios by Terblanche and the band finds themselves under the umbrella of Monarch Mountain Records, home to a select few other Capetonian bands.

Black Handed Kites recently took to the Sea Point promenade one morning in front of the lens of one of Cape Town’s finest visual exports – photographer and film-maker Adriaan Louw – for a taste of more to come from both the band when they release their album next year as well as Louw who launches his friendsofmine series of videos.



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