adam bizanski / stop-motion

adam bizanski is a director and animator of music videos, commercials and short films who is currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel.

other than commercial work, he has made stop-motion videos for the likes of radiohead, foals, the black keys and the shins.

bizanski, who also released a short film entitled Paul this year, has collection of wonderful but relatively unknown music videos, many of which are non-commissioned works. he has, however, been approached by some labels to lend his own touch to making videos for bands.

Sub Pop has been happy to send work Bizanski’s way . . . asking him to direct “Modern World” for Montreal’s Wolf Parade. Using the ’60s as a historical setting, the video tells the story of a factory band that gets replaced by an electronic band. The figurines’ original naïveté is quickly supplanted by a threatening tone of mechanization, showcasing Bizanski’s universal visual language – one not directly related to life in Israel, but one which addresses common feelings and global situations in a straightforward manner. [interview]

A tender tale of bovine romance, “Pink Bullets” uses paper cattle to remarkably heartbreaking effect. How did Bizanski convey so much sentiment through those droopy puppet eyes? “I start with the lyrics and I let them lead me,” he explains. “Because the pre-production preparation demands quite a lot of time and effort, I have a long time to feel the story and to let it grow. That’s why I never start creating the figurines before the story’s line up is ready. Stop motion is highly technical; you have to create the figurines in a certain way that will achieve certain emotions, certain movement range while maintaining some grace. You have to know where you’re going and you can’t, say, add a scene that won’t serve the narrative or the figures correctly [interview]

see more from bizanski here.

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