the veils / album 4

New Zealand isn’t just big for rugby, ancient tribes and being the place where LOTR was shot. there is another shining lights from the far bottom-right corner of the map in the form of The Veils, lead by Finn Andrews, “the young but maturing real artist in the vein of Nick Cave…”

earlier this year, The Veils released the Troubles of the Brain EP, their first off Pitch Beast Records, after 9 years and 3 LP’s while in the Rough Trade stable.

according to a tumblr by bassist Sophia Burn, the band is set for a 2012 LP release, and Finn has been offering some song run-downs as the band progresses through recording.

Hi. So we’re now halfway through recording the songs. Here’s what we have so far…

The Pearl

A song about babes and the deep sea. Reminds me of driving down dark roads in New Zealand with my friend Sam. This is one of two songs on the record that make use of my, at this stage, fairly miserable viola playing. Sounds good, huh?

Dancing with the Tornado

This song is about a girl ‘With tombstone teeth and hair pulled back tight like on a violin bow’. Needless to say she enjoys a dance or two with the big guys. It has a guitar riff fairly reminiscent of an old song of ours ‘Not Yet’. Probably the heaviest and most chaotic song on the record so far. Hours of fun.

Candy Apple Red

A dreamy little number concerned with, well, yeah love and stuff. Memory. Love. ‘Memory Love’. Album title? Maybe not. This one sounds a little like our garden looks – full of oak trees and cacti and rose blossoms and bugs.


This one lies somewhere between Nancy Sinatra and Leonard Cohen which provided you don’t linger on that mental image too long is a pretty swell place to be. It’s a song about a boy who is driven to madness by the taunts of a flock of birds outside his window. The songs refrain features the line

“Well you’ll be glad my love to here
One morning they did all disappear.
Tired of all the summer rain –
They made their nest inside my brain.”

Nothing worse than a brain-nest I find.

Train with No Name

We just finished this today so I feel particularly enamored with it. Reminds me of booty shaking on the river Styx. Could you want anything more?

I don’t know if anyone particularly enjoys hearing these song rundowns but if you do, let me know, and I’ll write some more stupid shit about the rest.

F x


KBWS is looking forward to 2012 in music.

let’s enjoy the acoustic version of ‘Sun Gangs’, the eponymous slow-burning opener off the 3rd album from 2009, followed by the throaty ‘Jesus For The Jugular’ off 2006’s Nux Vomica.

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