i appreciate a certain degree of bluntness. sometimes companies, brands or groups come up with the most asinine names in attempts to be thought of as ‘outside the box’.

the guys at Airpano don’t waste their time like that. oh no. they take panoramic aerial shots, and you’re going to want to take the tour…

yes, these images are also 360° but they don’t need to mention it in the name.

where do you want to go? enjoy the outdoor blues and greens at Angel Falls in Venezuela; or float about the Moscow Kremlin in at night; or get a birds-eye view from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; or marvel the man made islands of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai; or haunt your way about Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle in the mist?

Airpano is a bunch of mates from Russia who make up this non-profit project, specializing in high-resolution spherical panoramas.

take a look and enjoy touring about the world in the top 10 selection of airpano’s, which also includes a couple from of Cape Town.

ps: have you seen the throwable panoramic ball camera?

Swiss Alps

Venezuela's Angel Falls


let’s meet one of the photographers, Oleg. since I am using Chrome, Google took it upon itself to translate the website from Airpano’s native Russian to English.

this video below show’s how the crew captures the images

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