DA Youth DASO Campaign Flop

if you went to the Democratic Alliance Youth Facebook page today, you would’ve been greeted with an image of soft porn.

but i have a real problem to discuss…

there is an image of a regular hetrosexual couple, getting very close intimate. it looks quite erotic actually. and its is kinda kinky but there is one massive blunder.

to the designer behind this display of a complete and utter disregard for what is good and right in this world, have you no self respect?

i mean to put the logo image directly over the side book is just embarrassing. now look, we’re not looking for some nip action here, i know this is a political campaign we’re dealing with here so let’s be sensitive. but of all the placed, you chose the side boob?

now we have to look at Beefcake on the left instead of sugar baby on the right?

come on, pull yourself together, show the side boob the respect it deserves.

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