video / die antwoord / i fink you freeky

i am beginning to think Die Antwoord is far more a visual project than it is a musical one.

the group have just released the video for their lead single, ‘I Fink You Freeky’, off Ten$ion which will be released in a matter of days. for this video, the band has teamed up (not for the first time, but clearly stating their collaboration from the outset this time around) with South African photographer Roger Ballen, who is known for his eerie documentation of ‘freek folk’ found in small-town South Africa. the art direction team behind this video has done an outstanding job to recreate scenes and visuals inspired by Ballen’s images.

listening to this single, one could easily place it on the previous album, suggesting there hasn’t been much of a leap forward in their style of music. but, like i mentioned above, i don’t think the music is the focal point. the real points of fascination and intrigue occur in Die Antwoord’s photos and videos and when the band is being interviewed and can speak freely. the music and lives shows are a nifty little bonus that keeps the project travelling and evolving.

see below the video for ‘I Fink You Freeky’, directed by NINJA and Roger Ballen. Oh yes, that little girl who looks like a mini Yolandi with Ninja eyes… well yes, that is a mini Yolandi with Ninja eyes since the girl in question is Sixteen, daughter of Ninja & Yolandi.

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