read / antarctic lake

after almost a decade of drilling, those sneaky Russia scientists are on the verge of popping the cork on an underground lake four kilometers under the ice surface. Lake Vostok as it is known, is the third largest lake in the world, and is the largest of more than 140 subglacial lakes found under Antarctica. obviously no one is 100% sure what they are going to find, Cthulhu is an option, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. they are just going to be taking a small sample at the moment, but as one commenter, wm1123 pointed out – ‘surely this permanently cold and ancient water needs to be bottled and marketed to consumers who are tired of mere spring water.’ I’d be down for some of that Antarctic water, fuck, it’s probably better than any artisanal water, ever. it is the purest body of water on earth after all.

read more here.

watch a video here.

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