toffie pop festival 2012

KBWS are looking forward to attending the annual Toffie Pop festival in Cape Town at the end of March!

Toffie, creating further awareness and upliftment for the 3rd year running, will be doing what it does best and bringing into the spotlight various influential figures in the arenas including music, art, pop culture, magazine publishing and sound design. Some of the keynote speakers at the conference-festival feature:

  • Penny Martin (UK): Editor-in-Chief of The Gentlewoman
  • Roel Wouters (The Netherlands): Film director/designer
  • Omar Sosa (Spain): Art director, publisher of Apartamento magazine
  • The Mingarro brothers, Juan and Alejandro (Spain): Brosmind Studio in Barcelona
  • Malibongwe Tyilo (SA): Fashion buyer, scenester and blogger
  • Athi-Patra Ruga (SA): Well-known performance and contemporary artist
  • Chris Bisset (SA): Film director

According to Peet Pienaar, creative director of The President and organiser of Toffie Pop, “We’re aiming to create an international design network, a platform to expose SA designers to the best international talent. It’s all about making connections and doing better work through engagement. Our Small Talks and workshops facilitate intense skills and knowledge exchange.”

Check out the Toffie Pop website for more info and for ticket sales go here.

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