play / the meme drinking game

as an avid internet user, one ‘kills time’ by trolling the net and keeping up to current mem trends, having your quick LOL and continue scrolling.

as an avid social person, one ‘kills time’ before a night out by engaging in a drinking game.

but what about the avid internet user who also has a social life? yes, these are a rare breed, but they are a feisty bunch and make for great entertainment.

introducing, to the delight of those who enjoy both a tipple and a troll, The Meme Drinking Game!

now you no longer need to enjoy rehashing the week’s memes with your meme-savy friend quietly at the corner of the bar. also, no need for to explain the game. print it out, buy drinks, invite friends, roll the dice, LOL…

click here for hi-res

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