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so the other Will went away for the weekend. Will has a dog, and he really loves his dog, and knows that a dog left alone for the weekend is a sad puppy dog.

Will does what any dog loving person will do and hollers at his homeboy, Dave…

W: ‘Yo D, can you do me a solid please? me and the betty are going away for the weekend, can you look after our pooch for a couple days?

D: ‘No doubt’

W: ‘Sweet, just keep him feed, take him for a stroll or something and don’t blow your ganja smoke into his face’

D: ‘No problem, bring pooch over on Friday arvie’

W: ‘Ledge, shot bro’

D: ‘Irie’

Will has a lovely weekend away with his squeeze, and comes back to find out his dog is now the star of a music video for Johnny Neon, a former synth-pop sensation, now making a come-back after battling years of drug addiction. (that last bit is entirely fabricated for dramatic effect)

directed by Dave Meinert

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