listen / the shamefaced sparrows

KBWS is delighted to introduce you to the Shamefaced Sparrows. self -dubbed ‘death pop’ from Dalston, London, who also happen to be love child of a yé-yé girl and Link Wray.

now doesn’t that sound delightful?

if you’re unfamiliar with both, let’s break it down for a moment.

if you’ve listened to ‘Loony Bin’, a one of the KBWS Misplaced Mixtapes, you would’ve heard the sounds of Link Wray, the iconic rocker who is also bestowed the glory as inventor of the power chord.

looking maternally now, yé-yé is a style of music that developed in France in the 60’s and was largely fronted by female singers, but also immortalised by the likes of Serge Gainsbourg.

so, what happens when Londoner’s marry a yé-yé girl and Link Wray? take a listen, and best be sure to keep tabs on the Shamefaced Sparrows…


1 comment
  1. Marty said:

    Brilliant Stuff!!

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