look / chinese gangsters mobile phone pictures

if I was a gangster, I wouldn’t take incriminating photos of myself with any sort of device. I especially wouldn’t use my cell phone to take said pictures and then lose my cell phone.

it seems  however, that this particular dude missed out on the basic steps of ‘gangsterism 101’ and went straight to earning and burning, chopping okes fingers off and taking topless photos in and around expensive cars.

before you delve into the Chinese mafia underworld, be prepared for images containing weapons, gold chains, violence, money, expensive cars and a lot of bare tattooed man-chest.

more pictures here.


  1. FoodieMel said:


  2. Kyle Van der Rooiveld said:

    Na like it’s definitely not a good idea to be taking these pictures ha. Gangsters need to be cool. How do you say ‘rookie’ in mandarin. ‘Lookie??’

  3. finder694@yahoo.com said:

    its all fake thats what I think theirs no blood not enough for a good paper cut less mind cutting off a finger

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