read / the past seven days

North Korea will mark the 100th anniversary of its founding father, Kim Il-Sung‘s birth on April 15.

  • Stellenbosch is fast becoming the tech capital of Africa (Daily Maverick)
    “At 333 years old, Stellenbosch is leading the way in cutting-edge technology, dubbing itself ‘the first African wireless city’… the Stellenbosch scheme is radical… it is free…the whole point of the scheme: to provide Internet access in particular to communities which can’t afford it.”
  • Snoop Dogg releases smokable book (BoingBoing)
    “Snoop Dogg (formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg) has a new book out and it’s printed on rolling papers. Each page is printed with lyrics and perforated for easy use… ‘Rolling Words’ is bound in hemp and the spine is a match-striking surface.”
  • Etsy hoarders (Regretsy)
    “Etsy selling is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and sell things, even if the items are worthless, unsanitary, or ‘vintage’… Of the estimated 10 million sellers on Etsy, 2 million are hoarders. The rest are Chinese re-sellers.”
  • Boy take herion for ‘show and tell’ (iol)
    “A drug dealer was arrested after his five-year-old stepson took 50 packets of heroin into school… The boy had been asked to bring something into class for a ‘show and tell’ lesson about his parent’s job.”


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