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A lonely cabin is illuminated under the Northern Lights in Finnmark, Norway – Michelle Schantz.

  • Man finds videos of his wife on porn site (The Sun)
    “An Egyptian man collapsed after logging on to a porn site and finding filthy videos of his wife having sex. The man – named only as Ramadan – passed out in an internet cafe after what he claimed was his first ever look at pornography.”
  • Mystery company may be an asteroid mining project (The Verge)
    “MIT’s Technology Review has just gotten news of a mysterious new project that claims it will “create a new industry and a new definition of ‘natural resources.'”… The venture is backed by Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, director James Cameron, and politician Ross Perot’s son, among others.”
  • Mel Gibson wants to kill Oksana Grigorieva during anal sex (The Superficial)
    “When Joe Eszterhas agreed to write the screenplay for The Maccabees, a tale about historical Jewish figure Judah Maccabee, he assumed he’d be working on a ‘Jewish Braveheart’ that would be Mel Gibson‘s apology to the Jewish community for his anti-Semitic rants by delivering them a classic historical epic honoring their heritage. Instead, he was mostly invited over to Mel’s house where he got to listen to constant rants about killing Oksana Grigorieva.”
  • Guy who says that stroke turned him gay confronts former straight self in documentary (Gawker)
    “A documentary on Chris Birch, the macho rugby player from Wales who suffered a stroke and emerged gay, aired on British television. In I Woke Up Gay, Birch appears to be enormously comfortable with his newfound sexuality (dig those bleached bangs), but he still expresses the frustration and turmoil that typically accompanies burgeoning acceptance of one’s queerness. He’s convinced that his stroke ‘turned’ him gay, and meets resistance frequently from people bristling at the very notion.”
  • Netflix to release entire ‘Arrested Development’ season at once (Flavorwire)
    “After years of skepticism about whether a long-rumored movie would ever really get made, we found out that we’d be getting a film preceded by a fourth season available exclusively on Netflix… creator Mitch Hurwitz told the crowd at an event in Las Vegas yesterday that the entire ten-episode season will premiere at the same time on Watch Instantly, in 2013, for our Bluth-bingeing pleasure. He also mentioned that he’d be happy to go back to Netflix for subsequent seasons.”


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