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Valtari, the sixth studio album from Icelandic group Sigur Rós, is set for release by EMI on 28 May.

according to bassist Georg Hólm, it will be a departure from previous albums, with the record featuring “more electronic stuff than before”, whist singer Jónsi Birgisson has said “The last two albums are more upbeat. Too joyous, too festive! … It’s time for us to take a left turn and do something more experimental. It feels like a new beginning.”

stream it here.

pre-order it here.


1. Ég anda (6:15)
2. Ekki múkk (7:44)
3. Varúð (6:37)
4. Rembihnútur (5:05)
5. Dauðalogn (6:37)
6. Varðeldur (6:08)
7. Valtari (8:19)
8. Fjögur píanó (7:50)

AAC / 256 / 109 MB

get it here or here.

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