listen / little hartmut / pillows

they say timing is everything.

and I believe the timing of ‘Pillows’, the début home recorded LP from playwright and Lottery Tickets front-man Robert Volker, could not have arrived in the vestibule of mine ear at a better time.

the 9-track acoustic album finds a home in the Cape winter it was recorded in, carrying with it at once the howling emptiness of the night and warmth of a home’s hearth.

Little Hartmut will be performing at the 2012 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown soon:

3 July, 16:30 – Prime
4 July, 11:00 – Graham Hotel
4 July, 16:30 – Prime
5 July, 15:00 – Graham Hotel
6 July, 17:30 – Graham Hotel
7 July, 12:00 – Prime
7 July, 21:00 – Graham Hotel
8 July, 12:00 – Prime
8 July, 17:00 – Graham Hotel

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