LISTEN / DOWNLOAD / work drugs / absolute bearing

Work Drugs are a Philadelphia two-piece consisting of Benjamin Louisiana on more instrumentals/less vocals and Thomas Crystal on more vocals/less instrumentals.

they bill themselves as being ‘Philadelphia’s premier Bat Mitzvah and Quincenera party band’, and make music specifically for boating, sexting, dancing, yachting, and living.

Absolute Bearing is their second official full length album, after 2011’s ‘Aurora Lies’.

most of the songs were written during their winter 2011/2012 Cayman Islands sessions.

personally, i cannot get enough of Work Drugs’ dreaminess – perfect for a summer evening.

they have 100 limited edition handmade discs and the digital download for sale here.

Absolute Bearing tracklist:

1. Perfect Storm

2. License to Drive

3. Pluto (Zero Gravity High)

4. Boogie Lights

5. Absolute Bearing

6. Council Bluffs

7. Coral Gables

8. Lisbon Teeth

9. The Art of Progress

10. Tourist Heart

get it here, here, here or here.

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