DOWNLOAD / ariel pink’s haunted graffiti / mature themes

Mature Themes, the follow up to 2010’s Before Today, by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is set to be released by 4AD on August 21 in the US and on August 20 in the UK.

‘Baby’, a cover of the Donnie and Joe Emerson song will feature as the lead single and closing track of the album.

Mature Themes tracklist:

01 “Kinski Assasin”
02 “Is This The Best Spot?”
03 “Mature Themes”
04 “Only In My Dreams”
05 “Driftwood”
06 “Early Birds of Babylon”
07 “Schnitzel Boogie”
08 “Symphony Of The Nymph”
09 “Pink Slime”
10 “Farewell American Primitive”
11 “Live It Up”
12 “Nostradomus & Me”
13 “Baby”

get it here or here.

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