WATCH / sons of settlers / climb on my back

Sons of Settlers is a folk rock band from South Africa.

the band has been releasing a series of live recordings in collaboration with Haptic Pictures [here and here] during 2012 and have now released an official video for their single ‘Climb On My Back’ – you can download the single here.

the band is currently recording their album with friend and producer TeeJay Terblanche with tentative plans to release at the end of this year, with a national tour scheduled for September.

an interesting shift in dynamic has also emerged for individuals in the band, in that guitarist and backup vocalist Le-Roi Nel used to be the front-man for his previous band Foto Na Dans, while front-man Gerdus Easthouse Zen used to be the guitarist and backup vocalist for his previous band New Holland. for keen observers of live performances, its a new place for the individuals to find their comfort in, and i predict glorious live shows in the future as the new shoe starts to find its fit and the wearer begins to run with a more fleet-footed agility.

onwards and upwards!

catch Sons of Settlers on Wednesday 01 August live in Stellenbosch at KLT!

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