NEWS / Children Cage Fighting

This guy is Henry Joe Smith, and he’s throwing an event.

I believe the Sinoville area of Pretoria, South Africa is in dire need of intervention – a quick Google image search reveals that the most exciting things are cars, lost animals, dog breeders and a pair of wedding garters for sale. Cars and dogs are a telling sign.

Upon first hearing about it, I assumed it to be a joke, a social experiment to see what people say. But I was sadly wrong. This appears to be for real, see the video promo below… “First blood at 9!” No one makes jokes like that.

Later this month sees the Children Cage Fight competition being held on Saturday 27 October, inviting competitors between the ages of 7 – 15. It appears that there will be a betting gambit in operation with an open bar for refreshments and prizes to be won by fighters and those placing bets alike.

An entire event centred around engaging and encouraging young males to fight – this is not exactly what society needs right now, not in South Africa, nor anywhere else in the world.

Does anyone know someone or an entity who can intervene?

See the promotional video below – “you’ll buy a seat, but you’ll only need the edge.” 




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