LOOK / Thierry Cohen / Darkened Cities

Darkened CitiesPhotographer Thierry Cohen has come up with one of the most original and fascinating concepts yet.

As you may know, stars are best viewed in clear skies without any light pollution to hamper visibility. That said, city skylines have lost the ability to the night sky it its full glory due to the countless lights that illuminate the streets and homes. So how has Cohen blackened out the lights to get the view of the stars? The explanation via New York’s Danziger Gallery:

Cohen’s method is original and precise and harkens back to the methodologies employed by early 19th century photographers like Gustave Le Grey. He photographs the world’s major cities, seeking out views that resonate for him and noting the precise time, angle, and latitude and longitude of his exposure. As the world rotates around its axis the stars that would have been visible above a particular city move to deserts, plains, and other places free of light pollution. By noting the precise latitude and angle of his cityscape, Cohen is able to track the earth’s rotation to places of atmospheric clarity like the Mojave, the Sahara, and the Atacama desert. There he sets up his camera to record what is lost to modern urban dwellers.

Here’s to an all out power failure in a city near you!


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