LISTEN / 3:33 / $

Celia Hollander is from Marfa, Texas and she makes things and has a fresh brain.

I heard about 3:33 via Mark who described it succinctly as ‘full of twists and turns and juxtapositions’.

Upon browsing Celia’s website, many wild digital creations were to be found. A page with some videos, a page with a morphing trash bag, some more videos, and a contact page with a photo of water and chips. Oh, and then there is her Featuring The Sun project, in which she used the light from the sunset to make music with theremins. And the ‘side project’ called s0ftdr1nk.

But my favourite page on her website was the short essay on music, the digital form and the pricing thereof – a must-read for anyone interested in music and the business associated with it from an independent point of view.

In a time and society where everything can be categorized and commercialized, digital forms of music have slipped into a liminal area. The chaos in attempts to price digital music has had a profound cultural influence on live performance, the way people listen to music and the way artists approach making music. For musicians, the inability for recorded music to be reliably sold or bought in a digital world has shifted the monetary emphasis back to performance. Ironically, this resembles a time before recorded music existed at all, where performance was the only dissemination and presentation of music. However, this change is occurring at a time where the availability of recording software and technology is widespread. [Click here to read further]

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