WATCH / Slugabed / Bom Bok


British producer Slugabed has released his new track called Bom Bok, and the accompanying video is quite incredible – easily the most fascinating video we’ve seen in a long while.

Now bom bok means something along the lines of fucked up, crappy or shit in colloquial Turkish. I can imagine how there are people who might think that the music video for this track is a load of bom bok, and I can understand why – I mean its a video of a fat dude who arises out of the beach sand, swims in the ocean and morphs into a god of sorts, and then is meet by his loyal devotees who welcome him by gorging themselves on colourful food before things appear to go wrong and they die around a fire while fat gold god dances and laughs and then disappears back into the ocean.

This may very well be a very well constructed and depiction of life for humans – I think we’re at the portion after the food party and about to follow the fat gold god to the fire…

Or its just a funny muzak vid lol

The video is directed by The Great Nordic Sword Fights, an experiment director duo who are “always hanging between the polar realms of fantasy and reality.”

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