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Iris Grace


The girl in the picture above is the delightful and brilliant Iris Grace Halmshaw.

Iris is 3 years old and she already has her own website dedicated to her art. How and why does a 3 year old have a website dedicated to her art you might ask?

An except from said website:

From a photograph you wouldn’t think that anything was different just a normal 3 1/2 year old but there is, Iris is Autistic.  She can’t speak and has great trouble with interacting with others but expresses herself through movement and art.  Since she was diagnosed in 2011 we were able to learn about how we could help our daughter.  With the expert help of many therapists she changed dramatically in just a short space of time.  She used to be consumed by books, eye contact was a rare occurrence, she didn’t want to or know how to play with us, showed obsessive behaviours, got desperately distressed when we took her near any other children and her sleep patterns were all over the place.  She now rides on my back in fits of laughter, squealing with delight, plays, communicates by creating her own signs and her sleeping is much better.  We still have a long way to go with her social skills and speech, but we are having many more ‘good days’ and one of her favourite activities is Painting.

The images below are some of Iris’ paintings. Click through to her website to find out more about her and to look at more of her paintings, many of which have already been sold.

Iris Grace iris grace halmshaw paintings 04 iris grace halmshaw paintings 02 iris grace halmshaw paintings 01


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