WATCH / The Lives of Waddy Tudor Jones

Waddy Tudor Jones

South Africans have the wonderful knack for  disregarding or overlooking local talent, and then clamoring to claim it as ‘ours’ after some bright spark from the overseas spots and highlights said talent.

Another incredible talent South Africans have is reeling away in fear / loathing / contempt / disgust / disbelief whenever someone holds up a mirror to the nation.

Which is why it was almost too obvious that it would take a person from outside of South Africa to be the first to dissect the multiple layers of the artist that is Watkin Tudor Jones.

I have long been fascinated not by Waddy, but by what he is and has been trying to say. Or perhaps not so much as say, but rather shed a light on. The man was a teen in the late South African 80’s and a young adult in the 90’s and seems to one of the few people from said era who has shed the nagging guilt, lost any sense of a fixed identity, and progressed forward in a brilliantly free mindset, possessed with a grit second to none and fierce desire for self-actualisation.

Or maybe I’m wrong. But that’s okay. He is, after all, just a rapper from South Africa – tdjah.

The documentary below was made a guy called James Stephens. Thank you, James.

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