Rick Ross KFC

  • Legal Weed is Hurting San Francisco’s Hippies

Seated on a blanket in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Kenny describes how the park has changed during his ten year absence spent growing weed in the California wilderness. “The hippy kids used to be able to sell their weed real easy at high prices,” he tells us.

  • Slow reader returns overdue library book after 41 years, including $299 fine

A self-confessed slow reader has handed back an overdue library book ? a staggering 41 years after first signing it out.

  • Study Finds Only 28 Percent of Millionaires Think They’re Rich

If you had investments worth a million dollars, would you consider yourself rich? How about $5 million? Well, hold on to your wallet because a new study has found that the majority of millionaires don’t consider themselves rich.

  • Goats defending New Jersey historic site from poison ivy

Sometimes when you have to solve a problem, high technology is not the way to go. And when the problem is acres of poison ivy, the answer might be found in what you might call natural technology.

  • ‘FBI Warning’ virus leads to Woodbridge man’s arrest

A Woodbridge man faces child pornography charges after he received an “FBI Warning” message on his computer and brought it to police.

  • Holidaymaker ate an octopus before discovering it was only the second of its kind ever found

A holidaymaker told yesterday how he caught and ate an octopus on holiday – only to discover it was only the second six-legged specimen ever found.

  • Guy tries to rob a gun store with a baseball bat, fails miserably

You’ve heard the old saying ‘don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.’ Well how about a bat? Apparently, that doesn’t work too well either – just ask 22-year-old Derrick Mosley.

  • Man who lived in tent after flood now homeless after tent blows away

Ken Hills, 60, who had been living in canvas shelter after the July 8 flood, lost even that during last week’s thunderstorm.

  • Company sells ‘royal princess’ plates after souvenir gamble goes wrong

Plenty of useless souvenirs have been produced to celebrate the birth of Prince George. From weird dolls to a CD of royal lullabies, if you’re a big fan of the third in line to the throne you can spend your hard-earned cash on just about anything.

  • Kestrel suspected of being Israeli spy by Turkish authorities turns out to be just a bird

A Kestrel captured in Turkey on suspicion of being an Israeli spy has been released after officials concluded it was not actually in the employ of Mossad.

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