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Into The Primitive

The best 3-piece band in all of Africa, The Future Primitives, have just released their 3rd album (correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that means 3 albums in less than 18 months) and it is being released on vinyl by Voodoo Rhythm Records and Groovie Records.

“For some time, it’s been apparent that there is an affinity between today’s beat music and the music of the primitive. The recent developments (or should we say decline) of popular music coincided with a highly significant revival of interest in the primitive style among serious music buffs. This brings us to The Future Primitives and their primal experiments in steady monotone rhythmic patterns and contrapuntal structures, writing songs that combine frantic voodoo drums with psyched-out fuzz guitars and haunting lyrics.” 

The band embarks on an extensive European tour this October.

Connect with the band via Tumblr or FB to track their movements – be sure to catch them live, they have long been a favourite here at KBWS.


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