NEWS / Night Beats in South Africa / Psych Night

Night Beats in South Africa by Simon Berndt for Psych NightHeroes of the independent live music scene in Cape Town, Psych Night, have announced they are bringing the weirdos from Seattle called Night Beats down do the bottom of Africa for a weekend of garage rock, in association with the good folk at Vans SA.

The touring band will be supported by local acts in the form of The Future Primitives, Wild Eastern Arches, The Very Wicked, Bilderberg Motel, Black Lung and more, at shows on 13/12 in Johannesburg at Town Hall and on 14/12 in Cape Town at Assembly, with some sly whisperings of a secret show on 15/12.

Night Beats released their newest album, Sonic Bloom, this year, if you haven’t yet, stream the album here.

To Lee Blackwell, James Traeger and Tarek Wegner – welcome to Africa, we can’t wait to move.

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