Night Beats in South Africa by Simon Berndt for Psych NightHeroes of the independent live music scene in Cape Town, Psych Night, have announced they are bringing the weirdos from Seattle called Night Beats down do the bottom of Africa for a weekend of garage rock, in association with the good folk at Vans SA.

The touring band will be supported by local acts in the form of The Future Primitives, Wild Eastern Arches, The Very Wicked, Bilderberg Motel, Black Lung and more, at shows on 13/12 in Johannesburg at Town Hall and on 14/12 in Cape Town at Assembly, with some sly whisperings of a secret show on 15/12.

Night Beats released their newest album, Sonic Bloom, this year, if you haven’t yet, stream the album here.

To Lee Blackwell, James Traeger and Tarek Wegner – welcome to Africa, we can’t wait to move.

La Femme

Earlier this year, French group La Femme released their brilliant debut album, Psycho Tropical Berlin, which has been a highlight in our playlist since then.

If you haven’t yet, enjoy the video for the single ‘Packshot’ over here.

Over the last few weeks, the band has release via their Soundcloud a selection of tracks set for their bonus special edition release.

Enjoy the new tracks, reworks and  Chuck Berry cover below.

The Aztec Sapphire

Here is something simply marvelous.

2 of Cape Town’s freshest finest come together and press their musical fun bits against each other and out comes a gem, something altogether new but bearing features of both parents.

Youngsters The Aztec Sapphire have found their recent single, The Instinct of Boyhood, redreamed by musical mad genius Nicolaas van Reenen, who performs and produces under the title of Fever Trails.

Jimmy Nelson - Tribes

Jimmy Nelson set out to find and photograph the remaining indigenous tribes of the world. The result is a beautiful collection of human beings, and a bleak reminder that one of the most cross-cultural inventions by humans has been the gun.


Zach Galifinakis - Jimmy Kimmel - Pot Farm Joke

A man was lodged in jail Tuesday morning after Lincoln Police say he was standing naked at the State Capitol. LPD says 33-year-old man was on the east balcony of the building around 7:20 a.m., naked and yelling obscenities.

Crumpled, scratched and filthy… this isn’t exactly how Jessica Sawyer expected to find her cherished £80,000 Bentley GTC after dropping it off for a “five-star” car wash.

Police forces in rural corners of Xinjiang province have been sending geese officers out on patrol since earlier this year, according to a report on the Chinese language website of the state-run People’s Daily newspaper.

CNN International host Jonathan Mann undermined the point he was trying to make about climate change a bit when he offered up this particular example of previous “man-made extinctions”: “We hunted the dildo into extinction.”

Ice cubes used by fast-food giants KFC, McDonald’s and Guangzhou-based Kungfu at branches in Beijing contained bacteria far in excess of the national limit, according to China Central Television.

The NSA is a “supercomputing powerhouse” with machines so powerful their speed is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. The agency turns its giant machine brains to the task of sifting through unimaginably large troves of data its surveillance programs capture.

Sex in the stairwell ended in a rescue call for a Russian woman who was left trapped after her head got stuck in the railings — and her lover took off, leaving her naked on the steps.

Desperate boffins battling to save a rare and endangered species of rhino are attempting to breed the animals in captivity by mating a brother and sister.

A lot of things get shoplifted in a lot of weird ways… but stuffing a baby alligator into your shirt seems like a bad idea.

Like father, like son in North Korea—at least when it comes to trying to provide a frosty stein of beer for the Party faithful