Photographer Timothy Archibald’s son Eli was born autistic. Timothy began photographing his child, and it appears that Archibald is not only a top class image-maker, but  also one fantastic father with a brilliant approach raising his son.

Image after image, Archibald’s collection reveals the socially withdrawn child’s unique perspective. The way he interacts with objects offers an alternative approach to communicating with the world around him. The photographer says, “I never wanted [Eli] to think that he was normal. I wanted him to be aware of how different he was and see that as an asset.”  – via

The project is entitled Echolilia, and is available via

Jimmy Nelson - Tribes

Jimmy Nelson set out to find and photograph the remaining indigenous tribes of the world. The result is a beautiful collection of human beings, and a bleak reminder that one of the most cross-cultural inventions by humans has been the gun.


Daniel Seung Lee - Corolla 09

Yesterday we featured a collaboration between photographer Daniel Seung Lee and Dawn Kim, which showcased a study on colour.

This antithetical body of work from Lee sees him take a monochrome look into ‘a study on the texture and form of flowers, rather than its colors.’

Daniel Seung Lee and  Dawn Kim - Crayola Theory 03


This is a series of photos called Crayola Theory from a collaboration between photographer Daniel Seung Lee and art director Dawn Kim.


Bella Knemeyer


Bella Knemeyer is a person who lives in Cape Town and takes lovely photographs.

Enjoy the selection below, and take a look at her photo journal here.


In 1993, people from the village of Inakadate in Japan wanted to find a way of attracting travelers and tourists to their area.

One thing is for sure, they knew how to plant a legit rice paddy, and had been doing so for 2000 years.  The natural solution was to plant rice paddy artworks in fields up to 3 acres in size.

And so tanbo art was born – as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Suren Manvelyan - Your Beautil Eyes 00

These photos were taken by Suren Manvelyan from Yerevan, Armenia and are from a series entitled Your Beautiful Eyes.

One might consider the similarities of a galaxy and then reconsider everything you know because there might be an actual galaxy existing in your eyes, and that could be a real, you never really know for sure.

Enjoy the entire series over at Suren’s Behance page.