Compton Cricket Club

Compton isn’t just rap, Dr. Dre, gangsters and dope. Its now rap, Dr. Dre, gangsters, dope and cricket.

From Wiki:

The Compton Cricket Club (CCC), or the “Homies and the Popz”, is a cricket club based in Compton, Los Angeles County, California, USA. The CCC is the only all American-born exhibition cricket team. The CCC has toured to the UK 4 times (last time in 2001) and most recently to Australia in February 2011.

Thanks to social media, we now have evidence that a lot of celebretards are quite basic in terms of their mental capacities. The point is proven when these boneheads express themselves online.

Now who better to correct them than kids who are speaking English as a second or third language. In an effort that gives hope that there are still intuitive and passionate teachers in this world, Andrea Baena, a teacher at Red Balloon english school in Brazil, is our shining star, schooling not only her pupils but celebretards as well. Hats off to you, Ms Baena. Love to you and your students from us here in South Africa :)

Red Balloon