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PackshotLa Femme released their debut album ‘Psycho Tropical Berlin‘ earlier this year and it is one of the finest debut releases we’ve heard in a long time.

Jump on the train and follow the killer in their bizarre new music video for the up-tempo bass-throbbing single ‘Packshot’.

We’ll be releasing the list of our favourite albums of 2013 soon, and you’ll be sure to find this LP right up top.


British producer Slugabed has released his new track called Bom Bok, and the accompanying video is quite incredible – easily the most fascinating video we’ve seen in a long while.

Now bom bok means something along the lines of fucked up, crappy or shit in colloquial Turkish. I can imagine how there are people who might think that the music video for this track is a load of bom bok, and I can understand why – I mean its a video of a fat dude who arises out of the beach sand, swims in the ocean and morphs into a god of sorts, and then is meet by his loyal devotees who welcome him by gorging themselves on colourful food before things appear to go wrong and they die around a fire while fat gold god dances and laughs and then disappears back into the ocean.

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Barry de Villiers from Roundabout Films has just launched the the production company’s website. For the first time collected in one place we can see the extent of Roundabout’s involvement in documenting and recording a portion of the local live music scene.

Barry is also pressing forward with a Kickstarter campaign, seeking funding for a film he intends to shoot called Genesis.

Take a look at the latest music video from Roundabout Films, for long-time collaborator partners The Very Wicked’s new single, released on a PUG mixtape in January. This band is going places, keep tabs.